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About Us


LNYCO International was established in 1994 as an OEM of computer systems. In 2005, the company transformed and focused its business on Point of Sales ribbons and receipt rolls, and was renamed to LNYCO International Private Limited. In 2021, LNYCO became a partner of Ecolab Singapore.  Ecolab is the global leader in water, hygiene and infection prevention solutions and services. Every day, Ecolab help make the world cleaner, safer and healthier – protecting people and vital resources.  LNYCO is a Singapore registered company and employs between 10 to 20 employees for its operations.

LNYCO currently has two registered trademark brand; Alpine Roll (paper roll) and Perfect Print (ribbons).

LNYCO has continued to improve it’s business model with the aim of providing reliable and excellent service to its customers. Today, besides Alpine Roll and Perfect Print, LNYCO is a One Stop Shop for all consumables items used by our customers. This business model has given our customers great convenience and also lower their logistical costs as LNYCO delivers on-time and provides reliable support for their requirements.

Established more than 20 years ago in 1994 as Lnyco International, the company has transformed itself from an OEM computer supplier to competitive-price and fast-service Point-Of-Sales consumables supplier.

 In 1999, we set up Magic Data Corporation Sdn Bhd, our Malaysian sourcing office to source for high quality, established and reliable manufacturers to ensure that we keep our prices low, so that we can ensure our customers continue to enjoy competitive pricing.

In 2005, Lnyco International was privatized as Lnyco International Pte Ltd, a GST registered company.

Our Story

our company today

Today, it is one of the major suppliers of Point-Of-Sales ribbons and paper products ranging from cash receipt rolls (wood-free / thermal), computer forms and all type of preprinted rolls.

Our registered trademark brand for paper roll is Alpine Roll and for ribbons is Perfect Print.  These two brands are used by many major retail outlets.  They are one of the fastest growing brand, built on a strong reputation for quality and value for money.

Our Core Values

Our Vision & Mission

LNYCO have continued to improve our business model with the aim of providing reliable and excellent service to its customers.


To be the leading company in providing Consumable Supplies, focusing on EcoLab products, paper products, stationaries at competitive prices with the aim of reducing cost and providing the ease of acquisition for our customers.


We aim to deliver reliable and on-time supplies to meet our customers’ business needs.

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